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Сегодня внесла свои данные в систему УСОС (да-да, ведомо, хорошее дело таким словом...), чтобы претендовать на Эрасмус в Мадрид.
Сочинила мотивационное письмо по-польски и по-испански, Куба проверил польский вариант, Камило проверил испанский вариант. По-моему, ошибок не так уж и много получилось, я своей работой невероятно довольна.
Сочинила статью для завтрашнего занятия по английскому. Сенсация, сенсация, пробки на междугородних трассах России, или почему цена на бензин теперь не так волнует русских?
Why petrol price issue doesn’t disturb Russians?
The petrol issue doesn’t disturb Russians any longer. Nowadays another problem becomes topical. Traffic jams turned to be a national disaster in Russia. In spite of enormous space in the country, roads are overfilled with cars and long vehicles. A friend of mine spent three days achieving a neighbor city 350 km away from his hometown. He claims that the average traffic speed in the intercity highway is 5 km/h. This situation will inevitably go worse when summer comes and people start going out from cities for weekends.
The government takes steps to facilitate the situation on the roads. The transport minister already visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Magadan, Yakutsk. He says: “We are estimating the bounds of the problem and will take measures very soon”.
Some steps have been already taken. As an experiment fares have been imposed on two of the most problem roads. The fare must be paid on the entrance of the city line. Those who didn’t get the special plastic card when entered the toll highway (for example, if you entered it before they installed the automatic machines) have to pay a fine at the rate of about 300 euro.
This partly solved the problem, the inflow of cars decreased dramatically. But those who entered the toll highway before the government imposed the fares refuse paying. Since they can’t leave the highway they found settlements on the roadsides. The number of jammed in the Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk highway people is 5,473, not counting children and pets! They threaten the government to set up their own state, The Fareless Federation, if they don’t let them out within next two days.

Вчера было первое занятие с моей преподавательницей английского по русскому языку. Я довольно много говорила по-русски, она неплохо меня понимала, хохотала, вспоминая "эти смешные" русские буквы. Я снова заработала чуть-чуть денег, была счастлива этим фактом и наградила себя покупкой орхидеи:

Жизнь хороша!

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